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At XTLabs, Inc., we give our customers the ability to integrate and process information and data across multiple platforms in a timely manner through numerous devices from desktop to PDA. By blending state of the art technologies with existing legacy platforms, our technical teams are focused on designing and developing distributed applications that will support our customers' business functions allowing them to respond and service the needs of their business and clients in an ever-changing marketplace.

XTLabs Inc is a leading provider of desktop, distributed and Web-enabled client/server applications. Our expertise includes technical analysis, applications and systems design, and development in a variety of fields. We produce everything from device drivers to comprehensive scientific, business, educational and web applications.

To guarantee the highest quality for our services, we follow strict rules during the project life cycle. Furthermore, our clients receive clear, concise progress reports every step of the way.

Requirements - Before we begin the design phase of a project, we gather and define all user requirements. This essential first step guides the design and implementation that follow. We make sure that we clearly understand your needs to ensure that the end product delivers the results you expect.

Analysis, Design and Proof of Concept - We analyze all requirements and then provide an architecture design solution. We also present alternative designs with detailed cost analysis and functionality assessments. These reports simplify the decision-making process. On request, we also produce a "proof of concept" system that includes a working prototype of the solution. The prototype provides an opportunity to assess the system's business flow advantages and ease of use.

Development and Deliverables - We create a milestone roadmap that clearly indicates timelines for each deliverable. This document allows clients to monitor progress and helps guarantee prompt project execution. Clients also receive regular project status reports during the development phase.

User Acceptance Test - Our goal is to provide only the highest quality products and meet all user-defined requirements. At this point our client must approve the product. We do not consider a project complete without our client's complete satisfaction.

Post-Implementation Changes - We have a complete set of post-implementation procedures to make sure the product has met all expectations. In the unlikely case that a client is not fully satisfied with a product, we examine any problems and resolve the issues.

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